A short film


WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR DINNER? is a comedy short written by myself and fellow creative Joe Gardiner.

It’s about a relationship floundering in the ‘comfy jumper phase’ with deranged consequences.

We’ve managed to persuade a bunch of our very talented and generous friends to make our script into an actual film! YAY! So WDYWFD is coming to a screen near you soon - but if you just can’t wait, and want to read the script get in touch and I’ll happily oblige.




Min and Roger have been together a while. All they seem to do nowadays is ask each other: "What do you want for dinner?' But this can’t go on.

Their flat is like a slow cooker, and one evening it all boils over. A dreary dinner escalates into a crazed food fight. It’s wildly unexpected, but maybe exactly what they need…