A game of Pass the Parcel on Twitter


Case study video


Three mobile were celebrating their 9th birthday - we took this as an opportunity to throw a party. 

A live streamed Pass the Parcel on Twitter.

We wrapped an iPad in 333 layers of wrapping paper, and using handheld boards we asked questions to our audience on twitter who could win a prize if they answered correctly.  

We live streamed our Pass the Parcel game on Twitter in 1 day - 6 hours to be precise, and within 15 minutes our hashtag was trending. It stayed that way all day, and at lunch time we even got Engelbert Humperdinck trending (an answer to one of our questions). 



Agency: Mindshare, Invention

My role: Copywriter (of alllllll the questions + social stuff)

Credits: Creative - Charlie Williams Brown