Making sexism, sexy



The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) asked us to create content that highlights gender inequality in the workplace - with the aim to get people to call out sexist behaviour, no matter how small.  We created a tongue-in-cheek film with comedians Stevie Martin and Thom Tuck.  

In the last year, conversations about gender inequality and power imbalances in workplaces have (quite rightly) gained momentum in the media. We wanted to create something which could show how those big issues – the pay gap and workplace sexual harassment – are built on smaller actions: the everyday experiences that are often dismissed, or which people don’t challenge because they’re afraid that they’ll be seen as making a fuss, or being oversensitive.

Our film was featured in Adweek and Little Black Book


About the CMI:

CMI is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. CMI has been advocating for gender balance since 1969 when they launched the Women in Management initiative.

In 2016, they increased their focus on gender diversity and the benefits that it brings to business by re-launching the Women in Management under the new banner of CMI Women.


Agency: TMW Unlimited

My role: Concept, Copy (script and comms) Art direction

Credits: Production - Wagon TV